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Negotiation Objectives

14th April 2014

Have you ever come out of a negotiation thinking that you might have missed something – that you gained your main objective but didn’t have enough detail to implement it? Have you ever felt the need to re-negotiate an agreement in order to gain a more specific output? Unfortunately the answer to both these questions, […]

Make Preparation pay in a terms negotiation

14th January 2014

Negotiating terms, whether they are multi-year, multi-million pound contracts or short term seasonal terms, such as Christmas displays, can be a challenge, even to experienced negotiators.  The reason they can be a challenge is the multitude of fluid variables to consider from payment days, different levels of discounts and flexible levels of support and they […]

10 Questions to uncover your team’s readiness to negotiate

10th January 2014

As the American racing driver Bobby Unser said “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. You want to know if your team is as prepared as possible for their next negotiation to realize the opportunities but you don’t want to distract them from their preparation or to spend too much of your own time asking […]

Can we learn Negotiation Tips From The Movies? Arbitrage

8th January 2014

I recently watched a movie called Arbitrage, where Richard Gere plays a hedge fund manager desperate to complete the sale of his fund to a rival, in time to save his own neck. Without sounding too much like Barry Norman, it is more than just a movie about hedge funds or negotiations. So that we […]


5th January 2014

What can alignment offer you in your negotiations? Alignment can be a significant influence on the balance of power. If you are not aligned as an organisation your counterparts will pick and choose the best offers they get from individual parts of your business. A lack of alignment will undermine your power and your ability […]


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