Applying workshop learnings to achieve commercial value.

Total Negotiation builds capability quicker through their unique combination of skills training, coaching and hotline support. This formula delivers tangible commercial results for clients.

Recent studies and many of our clients are reaching the same conclusion that only 10% of learning comes from formal training while 70% is achieved through practical application and 20% is derived from working with others. Total Negotiation's unique combination of real world workshops with embedding techniques ensures that delegates apply their learnings and deliver significant commercial value back to their business.

Embedding takes the learning process from workshop right through to successful live negotiation. Timely coaching, blended with phone and e-mail support, and the unique Total Negotiation nudges mean that participants are better equipped to deal with live negotiations. These early successes re-enforce the learnings and lead to even better commercial outcomes in the longer term.

The ongoing support from the TN team adds a coaching, mentoring and theoretical reinforcement to embed the learnings and continue improving your negotiation management skills. No doubt that by applying the learnings, the team has gained more customer value than $ spent on the course

Head of Grocery, FMCG, Australia

Not only have TN built on the negotiation capabilities of my team, they have continued to accelerate their commercial development by constantly showing us different ways to approach the challenges in our marketplace

Sales Manager, FMCG, Australia


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